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Glamis Castle

"The Grey Lady of Glamis" has been seen in the chapel (where she is seen praying) and the clock tower. She is said to be Janet Douglas, who was accused of witchcraft and attempting to poison the king; James V has a vendetta against her family after they had ill-treated him. Janet was burnt to death in 1537 in Edinburgh but her ghost returns to her old home. Another story connected with the castle is that the 4th Earl of Crawford, Alexander Lindsay haunts a sealed room where he played cards with the devil. Other ghosts associated with the castle include a "White Lady" in the avenue leading to the castle, a woman without a tongue, an African boy, a party of the Ogilvie family who were walled up here and a servant girl with vampiric tendencies while alive.

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Update 10/8/20 Archivist Ingrid Thomson replied to my query for recent events as follows: "A family story relating to the Chapel is that of Rose, the sister of HM The Queen Mother, who was to play the organ for the Sunday Service and came in during the week to practice. Opening the door, she noticed a lady dressed in grey praying, so she waited outside for her to finish. Finally looking in, she saw the woman had vanished. What she had witnessed, it is said, was the ghost of Janet Douglas, known as the Grey Lady, who reputedly sits in the chair in the corner of the room. With regards to more recent examples, several members of staff (and even visitors) have reported sightings or unusual noises. A broom [was found] standing upright in the entrance to the Crypt (one of the oldest parts in the castle) ... by one of the cleaners who arrived early one morning in October 2014 and found it. At first she cleaned around it, but eventually took hold of it and removed it. She tried to get it to stand upright again on its own, but it kept falling over. Another colleague, who lived in an apartment in the castle reported seeing a black Labrador wandering around his flat. I started working at Glamis in January 2010, based on my own in the top of the tower. Within the first few weeks I was sitting at the table working on my computer when there was a loud crash clearly from inside the room, but nothing had fallen when I checked the floor."

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