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HM Frigate Unicorn

A man in Naval uniform has been seen crossing the deck, and other phenomena include the sensation of being touched and pushed and hair being pulled, a bookcase being knocked over and the sound of footsteps; below decks more spectres have been seen, including a pair of legs wearing blue trousers, someone sitting on a grille and a lot of dead faces, and also a loud crack, the smell of woodsmoke, and the sensation of being slapped on the neck and gently kicked, amongst others. It is thought that George Bishop, the ship's caretaker before the Second World War, may be one of the phantoms. He was found dead one morning at the bottom of a stairway at the bottom of the ship - he may be the man in uniform mentioned previously. There has also been a sighting of a "small, childlike figure" on board.

Link: Evening Telegraph

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