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Inveraray Jail

The jail is said to be haunted by apparations and other unexplained phenomena.

Update 7/8/20: Assistant Manager Samantha Potts informs, "We do have customers during the day that will say they get funny feelings or suddenly feeling really cold as they going into cells or the feeling of someone grapping the back of jackets." In further correspondence, she informs me, "We really haven’t had many customers saying they have encountered many spooky events in the last few years, it really has been the occasional person saying that they have walked into a room and felt the temperature drop, or the feeling of someone grapping the back of their coat. With the staff half will say that the Jail is hunted the other half will say its not hunted at all. I have worked here 12 years and have had doors slam on me and black shadows pass me by in the corridors but again not for a few years."

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