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Stirling Castle

A misty "Green Lady" is supposed to be a portent of fire and the legend is that she was lady-in-waiting to Mary, Queen of Scots and saved her life when her bedding caught light (or, another legend is that she killed herself after her father accidentally killed her loved one). The phantom has been seen, on one occasion causing the cook to faint in shock when he realised the spectre was standing next to him, watching what he was doing! A "pink lady" has also been seen too, with some saying that she is none other than the previously mentioned Mary. Others say that she is the wife of a Commander who stayed behind with her husband to defend the castle when the English forces attacked in 1303. He convinced her to escape but he was killed, and her sad spirit is said to linger searching for her loved one. Some sources say she walks from the castle to the church near Lady's Rock. There are many reports of unexplained footsteps including one incident where the invisible phantom ascended stairs that no longer existed and walked along a corridor that had been divided. A kilted phantom, known as "The Highland Ghost" is also said to have been observed recently too. It is said that visitors have mistaken him for a tour guide, only for him to vanish when approached.

Link: The Scotsman

Update 14/8/20: Ross Blevins, of Historic Environment Scotland replied to me, saying "I am unaware of any such incidents [ghosts etc.] in recent years. There are tales told about a Green Lady and a Pink Lady who are reputed to haunt Stirling Castle, but I have no knowledge of anyone in recent years having seen them."

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