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Chillingham Castle

The predominant spectre here is said to be Lady Mary Berkeley, who is reputed to wander the building weeping in memory of her loved one who ran off with her sister. "The Radiant (or Blue) Boy" is said to be seen around midnight, glowing blue - perhaps a spectral remnant of the young boy, whose skeleton clad in blue was found during renovation work? He is thought to haunt the Pink Room too, with a loud wail being heard followed by blue flashes and a blue halo above the bed. Outside the castle, a "Green Lady" haunts the topiary gardens. Bangings, figures, people being pushed and objects moving are also experienced too, amongst other reports. A former occupant, John Sage, has been seen in the castle (particularly the Edward I room where the chandelier swings and dark shadows seen) and on the nearby Devil's Walk, where he was executed. He was having sex with the daughter of a local family known as the Charltons when he got carried away and strangled her. The Charltons wanted Sage dead and promised that they and the Scots would assault his castle if he wasn't executed, and the King, weary after long battles with the Scottish, agreed. In total, there are said to be at least six ghosts here.

Update: 18/2/20: Naomi, at the Estate Office replied to my email of mine saying, "we have reports all the time from guests and vistors to the castle, if you look on our Facebook page as a lot of people post on there when they have experienced anything."

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