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Alum House

The presence of "Giggly Meg", an Irish prostitute in the upstairs living area, is heralded by a "silly, giggly laugh." She has also been blamed on doors slamming, and of putting an apple pie in the lit oven (which had been left out to defrost overnight). A gentleman dressed in Victorian era clothing and carrying a top hat was also seen on the stairs down from the upstairs lounge -he walked through a non-existent doorway at the bottom. A "Grey Lady" has also been seen in the ladies toilets. A fourth phantom is known as "Charlie" - he is blamed for events in the cellar, including an incident where the lights were interfered with as the manageress prepared her staff's wages. She told the ghost to stop and "Charlie" obliged! Poltergeist-like behaviour, such as smells, temperature changes and the movement of objects have also occurred in the main bar area. Brass rails were put up to stop the ghost flinging beer bottles from the shelves. This ghost is nicknamed "The Phantom Barman" because of the location in which his antics are experienced. There is also a phantom Roman legionnaire, who is said to 'inhabit' the cellar, but he has also been seen just inside the entrance to the pub.

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