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Byker Community Association

Footsteps in empty rooms and the sound of the piano on the top floor has been heard - again when the building was empty; the playing stopped when the room was entered. On the ground floor, a tall, black shadow has been seen that moves from room to room. Footsteps, drops in temperature, doors being rattled and shaken and someone being touched on the arm are also recorded here.

Update 11/9/20: Dana Taylor, a worker at the Association, tells me that, "I'm not aware of any reported incidents with the staff but I can ask. I did have a strange thing happen a few weeks ago though. There are two cubicles in the ladies' loos and due to covid restrictions one was locked and the cleaner was storing cleaning equipment in there. I went in and the 'locked' door slammed closed. There was a dance group on at the time and I thought one of the girls was in there. I could hear shuffling so I said 'you shouldn't be in there.' The door opened slightly so I said 'hello, anyone in there?' I pushed the door open and there was no one in. It did give me a bit of a shiver. It was still light, there were others in the building and I am quite a rational person."

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