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Bellister Castle

The wraith of an old white haired man appears to herald a death in the castle; he is also seen around the little village of Haltwhistle nearby. The man sometimes appears pursued by a pack of hounds closing in for the kill. Other times, witnesses have approached close enough to view gashes and wounds on his face and body as though he had been savaged by animals. On other occasions, only the snarling of dogs is heard. The story is that a minstrel in the 16th century was allowed food and shelter at the Castle in return for a few songs and news gathered during his travels. The Baron became suspicious of the man, especially when he took off during the night. He and his followers took a pack of bloodhounds in pursuit of the man and the dogs tore the elderly minstrel to pieces. The remorseful Baron was from then on haunted by the sound of baying hounds and the screams of the dying minstrel. The man's face would constantly haunt his waking moments. Evetually the Baron's mind snapped and he ran off into the night. When his body was found, his corpse had been mauled and his throat torn out. Another version of the story is that the minstrel wandered onto the grounds and the Baron (or Lord of Bellister) set his hounds on the intruder, and the so-called "Grey Man" now wanders the area.

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