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Featherstone Castle

In the early 15th century, Baron of Featherstone (or Featherstonehaugh) had a daughter Abigail but she showed no interest in potential suitors that her father had chosen. Abigail already was seeing a local lad, who had a reputation as being the leader of a gang of cattle thieves and robbers. Her father had arranged a husband and had organised a wedding and after the ceremony, Abigail and her guests rode off on an excursion around the castle grounds. Hours passed and the wedding guests returned as bloodied spectres, their faces smitten with terrible wounds. Abigail had been pierced through the heart with an arrow. The ghosts evaporated into the walls. A search party found the bodies the next day. It is rumoured that the "ghoulish wedding procession" still congregates at the Castle, usually on the anniversary of the tragedy (17th January). Another ghost that is said to have been seen is a woman in a long green dress who walks the corridors, the other being a victim of starvation who can be heard moaning in the castle.

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