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Carrickfergus Castle

About 1760, a soldier named Robert Rainey was stationed here and he fell in love with a woman named Betsy Baird but she was reluctant to marry him because of his reputation as a womaniser and gambler. However, he assured her that he had changed his ways and she agreed to be his wife. However, she was involved with the brother of Rainey's commanding officer, Colonel Jennings and when he found out that she had been unfaithful he went in search of Rainey. The two met on a cliff path and Rainey ran his rival through with his sword. Jennings did not die immediately but managed to identify another solder as his attacker; a Timothy Lavery who looked like Rainey. Lavery was hanged but before he perished he is said to have vowed to haunt the castle forever; Rainey is said to have confessed to his crime many years later. Lavery's ghost is seen around a well in the castle; his cries have been heard at night and his spectre also seen on his knees next to the castle walls. A headless man, thought to be the wronged soldier, is said to walk the battlements; somehow he is said to lament and call for vengeance.

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