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Cook's Corner Cafe

A worker felt a pressure on his head and pins and needles on his back and shoulders and in the same area (the kitchen), a cooking knife moved accompanied by a loud rattling and the chef had his T-shirt tugged, and someone else felt the sensation of a large drop of water falling on them; others have felt "odd" things too. Visitors to the cellar also witnessed a stone being thrown and a loud bang heard too, and a man was seen having a cup of tea when the building was not yet open.

Update: September 2020: I spoke to Jason Cook and he said that nothing had happened for the last two years, but he did tell me some of the stories when the place was active. He said that it was 6 or 7 years ago when things started to happen; he has been there for 12 years and told me that things were more active in August and September and then the colder months of the year although they could go for months with no occurrences. He said that staff would hear their name being called, usually in the cellar although he also said that things have also happened in the seating area and in the kitchen, such as the sensation of raindrops on the back. He personally hadn't seen anything apart from a stone being fired across the basement when he was on his own and there were no windows in the room. However, there were stories of things being seen out of the corner of the eye. He regaled me with one tale; that about 10 or 11 years ago, he was working in the kitchen at 6am making sandwiches and turning away, he heard a sound like a knife had just been thrown back into a pot used to store utensils. At this point the back of his T shirt was tugged. This incident happened twice as if something was trying to get attention. Jason said out loud, "I don't think I can help you," put his knife down and went out to have a coffee. When he returned, he said the place felt "strange." Another member of staff came in and agreed with him and felt as if she was pushed. When she told the others this, one of them laughed - and as if to remonstrate, a spoon came out of the storage pot and landed on the floor near them! Interestingly, he said that the previous two occupants of the building, going back 19 years before he took over, had experienced nothing at all.

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