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Darlington Hippodrome

Signor Pepi, the managing director of the theatre until he died in 1927 has been seen sitting in his box to the left of the stage, wearing a top hat and long coat. A spectral Pekinese dog has also been observed at the bottom of a spiral staircase usually by children; during extension work, the skeletal remains of a small dog were found bricked up nearby. The Stage Door has also been found locked and jangling keys heard nearby, this being blamed on the ghost of an old Stage Door keeper. Sobbing has been heard in Dressing Room 12 and a dark shadowy girl seen in the wings watching the performances. A rarely seen ghost has been heard climbing up and door ladders; he is said to be a stagehand nicknamed Jimmy. People have also reported a great weight on their shoulders, the sound of a child giggling and a flash of light among other phenomena have also occurred too.

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