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Scarborough Castle

One of the spectres is said to be Piers Gaveston, who is a shadowy figure flitting amongst the ruins that tries to lure and push people over the battlements; laughter heard in the area is attributed to him. It is said by some that this phantome lacks a head! Gaveston was a friend of Edward II and hid at the castle in 1312 when he feared reprisals from the barons. He eventually surrendered and was beheaded by the Earl of Warwick. George Fox, the founder of the Quaker movement, is another ghost here; he was imprisoned in the castle and his phantom is seen in the area where his prison (no longer in existence) was located. Two Roman soldiers have also been observed, one of them reportedly looking out to sea. There is also an unidentified male figure and three spectral ladies - White, Grey and Pink!

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