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The Sun Inn

A lady called Elizabeth Dean walks this pub; it is said that she worked as a servant in the pub in the 19th century and she attracted the attentions of one regular, hoping that their relationship would blossom into marriage. However, one day she saw her loved one at the nearby church with a new bride and in despair, she hung herself, cursing her lover's offspring to being mute which, is it said, came true. The ghost is said to be friendly, and either appears in a black dress with a white apron and hood, or as a solid black entity. One visitor to the pub held the door open for a lady in "fancy dress" only to be told that there was no such person in the pub. There are also said to be phantom children in the building, too. Doors are said to open and close, cold spots felt and the smell of lavener detected - the ghost has even called out the landlord's and barman's names. In the pub is an old game, the aim of which is to swing a hoop on a line and try to get it to attach to a hook on the wall. A barman heard the sound of the game from the next room and when he went to investigate the line was swinging free. There was no one in the area at the time.

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