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Samlesbury Hall

A "White Lady" has been seen in the corridors and grounds during the evening. It is in the grounds that she meets a knight and they proceed to their graves where they fade away wailing. It is said that this is a remnant of an event in the 16th (or 14th!) century where Dorothy Southworth was forbidden from seeing a neighbour by her father due to his religious views. The two lovers tried to escape but the man was killed by Dorothy's brothers who also dispatched two others who were aiding the elopement. Dorothy was taken to a nunnery where she died insane. However, Southworth never had a daughter so the story could be a confusion with another legend. Indeed, some versions say that Dorothy died in "normally" in France - and yet other versions say that her lover, the knight, has never been seen. The White Lady in more often seen outside, on the road, where she has caused at least one driver to veer sharply to avoid her. Other ghosts include a suicide victim in the Minstrel's Gallery, a small boy looking in through a window where the entrance used to be, as well as "headless priest, three women cleared of witchcraft and the spirits of the tragic Harrison family." In addition, a staff member felt a slap on the back of her head early one morning, and a visitor said that something bustled past her on the stairs.

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