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The Piece Hall

The ghosts of merchants who were murdered for their money haunt this building. The most reported spectre is a small girl, who is blamed for things moving and disappearing, and throwing books from a bookshop's shelves. There are other phantoms, including one who rattles the locked gates to the hall.

Update 4/9/20: Gemma Meek, the heriatge and learning officer tells me that they "have had cases of people telling us about experiences of what they believe to be ghost-related." In further emails, I was introduced to Simone and Al of Al's Emporium, who have three units which take up half of the wall on the Northgate side; one of these units has activity and has inherited its activity from its time as "The Old Book Shop." The ghost likes to thrown and move items around and touching customers (one man felt his bottom touched) but there may be protracted periods (months) when nothing happens. Items in the glass cabinets have moved by themselves and clatters have been heard as items fall or move - though this may be due to natural vibrations in the hall. In a recent occurrence, a plate on a stand pushed itself off and landed behind a table, missing a pile of porcelain plates. This was caught on CCTV; before this was installed, a heavy copper oval casserole dish was thrown across a room narrowly missing a couple of customers. An old doll's pram was found to be on the opposite side of the shop when the premises were opened one morning. In addition to the Emporium, the sweep shop near the Westgate entrance has had some phenomena including a box of lollipops being moved and pushed off a shelf by itself. Below the Emporium is "The Book Corner", and the owners have come in in the morning to find books on the floor; they have also been pushed off shelves during working hours. Al concluded his email, "The story we have been told is that the Piece Hall “ghost” is supposed to be a girl called Amy of around 8 years old (although some tenants have said that they believed her to be 15). She apparently died in mysterious circumstances in the workhouse which was just outside the Piece Hall. As to whether or not this is indeed the case, who knows. Angela who has the sweet shop did tell me that in the 1970s tenants did leave Amy sweets out in some of the shops!"

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