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Royal and Ancient

When the cotton factory opposite burst in flames, the bodies of the victims were laid out in the building that once stood on the site of the Royal and Ancient. To this day, glasses have been thrown around and lightbulbs have blown. Items have been moved around, the old landlord mentioned that his dog would bark at an empty spot in the hallway, figures of a lady and a young girl seen and one woman found herself trapped in the ladies toilets!

Update September 2020: I spoke to Anne who runs the pub, and she wanted to clear a misapprehension in the press that glasses would fly off the bar, something that she had never encountered. She said that the bar was made of a tree trunk and was very glassy; when wet, glasses would slide about quite normally and this has mutated into the "glasses flying" story. She feels that tricks are being played on her by the ghosts - she mentioned a toilet roll being pulled out from her on her first two nights there. She says that footsteps and the sound of someone walking along the corridor is now so commonplace that they just ignore it as it is so regular. Asked if she had seen anything, she said that it would be described as a flash out of the corner of the eye, like someone running past.

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