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Haigh Hall

Lady Mabel de Haigh, who once lived here, has been seen in the hall and grounds. The legend is that her husband, Sir William Bradshaigh, went to fight in the Holy Wars and after a prolonged absence, she assumed that he had been killed and married a Welsh Lord. But her husband wasn't dead and returned to the hall, disguised as a pilgrim. She saw this newcomer and was upset by the likeness to her first husband whereupon he announced who he was. Mabel's second husband fled but was pursued and killed by William, who was "outlawed" for a year and a day and Mabel performed a penance. Other paranormal activity reported include the sound of a party in an empty room, footsteps marching up and down the stairs, gurgling, talking and scratching noises in the cellar and a room where dogs refuse to enter. The courtyard once housed the stables, where children died in a fire, and the smell of burning has been reported in the area.

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