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The Punchbowl

A man in blue breeches, looking like a sailor has been seen in the pub, sometimes sitting near the fireplace and sometimes in a "fog". In an upstairs room, the hazy appearance of a floating head and shoulders have been seen too, and people have mentioned being shoved down the stairs and even dragged from a bicycle in the pub's car park.

Update 24/2/20: Robert Shaw, the general manager of pub informs me that, "we still have reports on a daily basis about hauntings in this site. The cleaners have the most experiences in the morning when they are on their own. Footsteps, scratching on the walls, knocking on the windows and shadows moving across the restaurant. One lady in particular Nett sees the ghosts regularly in our private sung room. Our area managers were in there last week having a meeting and they could hear the tapping on the window and scratching on the walls"

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