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Plas Mawr

It is said that an unspecified "master" of the house is searching for Dr. Dic [sic - Dick?], a local doctor. The legend is that the owner of the house went to war, leaving his pregnant wife and young aide behind. They patiently kept vigil on the top of the tower when they heard he was returning, but seem to have fallen down the stairs in the darkness as evening fell. When Dic was summoned he announced that there was nothing he could do for them, and fearing the wrath of the master, the servants locked him in the room with his dying patients. When the master returned home that night, there was no sign of Dr.Dic and in his desire to find the physician, the master worked himself into a frenzy and collapsed and died. It is presumed Dr.Dic hid in the chimney and his remains are presumably there to this day. The ghost has been seen in the Lantern Room where the expectant mother and child died. However, some say that the story is a fabrication, and there are some alternate versions. For instance, the newspaper "North Wales Live" tells its readers, "[Plas Mawr's] owner Robert Wynn, an influential merchant of great repute, is said to have lost two wives both called Dorothy - one to illness and the second who died in strange circumstances. She is said to have slipped down a narrow staircase and died along with her unborn child. It is rumoured that a doctor attempted to save her but couldn’t and tried to escape out the chimney before Robert Wynn returned but accidentally suffocated to death. Some believe the doctor’s body remains behind the chimney and he and Dorothy haunt the building to this day."

Link: North Wales Live

Update 26/8/20: Sarah Naylor, custodian of the hall for the past eleven years informs me, "I can state honestly that we have never experienced any paranormal activity, of which I am very happy about! Even as recently as last year a paranormal group ran an event here, and they did not discover anything either. We have the Victorian story of Dr Dick, which you are no doubt aware of, but having completed work on the Wynn ancestry, no truth could be found behind the story."

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