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The Lion and Snake

Allegedly, a Roman soldier has been seen in the cellar of this pub, dating back to the 1400s. The sound of marching and chariot wheels turning have also been heard too. Also seen is the spectre of an elderly lady, her hair in a bun. Downstairs, at the location where a kitchen doorway had been sealed, a "scruffy" young man has been observed who walks through the now bricked-up door. The same spectre may also have been seen upstairs having a drink.

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Update 29/7/20: Ian, the landlord, informs me that, "Apparently we have 3 ghosts here however I have only witnessed one thing that I cannot explain, basically I heard a noise and I what it was, I mansaged to see a box rocking for what seemed like 4 or 5 seconds. I went to check the door next to it to see if it had closed itself and the wind from the door slamming shut could have caused the box to rock which it did not and with that the door is always shut so unlikely to slam shut. I rocked the box myself as the only other option could have been if a mouse could have ran past it and rocked it, however when I rocked it the box litrally went to a stop straight away however I saw it literally rocking so I have no explanation of this. We live above the pub and my wife hears footsteps down the hall however I’ve never witnessed. This is quite common for her though and she has told me numerous times that she hears these footsteps."

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