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Lincoln Castle

Disappearing figures have been seen on the staircase leading to the Observation Tower, and an icy coldness has been associated with the stairs on at least one occasion. In the area of the Victorian prison, the smell of urine and sickness have been detected, cell doors were heard to slam, and moaning and crying and the jangling of keys could be heard. Part of this area was used to incarcerate women and a "White Lady" has been seen occasionally - she may be the phantom seen walking down the stairs in the old women's prison, carrying a baby. According to stories, footsteps have been heard as the spectral inmates are led up to the gallows. Soon after comes the echo of the trapdoor opening. Other stories recount the sounds of horses hooves, and the appearance of figures attired in armour, people hanging and a phantom dog, which has also been heard scratching and whining and is connected to the nearby Strugglers Pub. There are many other stories connected with this location too!

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