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Railway Hotel

Cold spots, objects disappearing and then reappearing, and stools that have been found unstacked after being stacked the night before are some of the phenomena reported here. A girl in a dress resembling a night gown has been seen, as have three children "huddled" by the fireplace in their private lounge. In the public areas, a man wearing a mackintosh and a bowler hat and having a pale face has been fleetingly glimpsed.

Update 1/9/20: A worker at the hotel, Jane, replied to my email saying, "after 28 years of business and lots of stories to tell too. Yes our ghosts are still here too, playing tricks and helping out. We have lots of strange stories to tell and all of them good. Our main thing that happens here is that our gas bottles are frequently turned off in the cellar, and if you know how gas bottles work that is not usually an easy task. Our ghosts are friendly and appear to be happy here."

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