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Wollaton Hall

Lady Middleton haunts room 19 of the hall; she fell down the stairs and was left paralyzed from the waist down, rarely leaving her bedroom. Her spectre is seen staring out of the window or walking around the room. Cold spots, groans, asthmatic-like wheezing, footsteps, whistling and slamming doors have been heard and someone felt a tap on the shoulder. Also, after dark, people in the park have seen the unexplained flickering light of a candle seen through the windows. A strange light has also been seen in the dovecote and stable yard, and a spectral lady with a dog has been seen in the area of the lake. There are many other phenomena reported in connection with this building!

Update 19/9/20: The hall replied to my message, "I have worked at Wollaton Hall for six years and have never had a paranormal experience of any kind. I frequently work alone in the basement of the hall and have often walked through the caves of the hall alone and never felt a presence, day or night." My contact told me that a colleague worked for more years at the hall than she had, and has "many a story to tell" about ghostly goings on.

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