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Norwich Cathedral

The sounds of galloping horses have been heard from below the graves in the grounds here; during the Civil War, (so it is said), a group of Roundheads came to arrest Royalist conspirators and were directed to a tunnel that ran from an old inn to the cathedral. However, wires had been stretched across the tunnel and the Roundheads were decapitated. Five days later Roundheads arrived and removed anything they could find and burnt them in a bonfire in the market place. The close is haunted by a lady who is shrouded in mist and having smoke at her feet. She is believed to be a lady who tried to set fire to the Cathedral gates when it was besieged by an angry mob from a nearby church. She was caught and burnt at the stake. In the chapel, Sir Thomas Erpingham returned to the chapel on the anniversary of Agincourt (October 25th) to drink to a fallen comrade in that battle. It is said that he continues this tradition after death, although some say that since the location of his friend's tomb were moved, he no longer appears. The Epringham gate, to the west, has the ghost of Thomas Tunstall, with a hangman's noose around his neck and a knife in his stomach as he is disembowelled. He was a Catholic priest who was imprisoned for illegally preaching his faith in 1610; ultimately he was hung, drawn and quartered in the Cathedral Close.

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