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Tontine Hotel

Frank Griffin, who was wanted for murder was apprehended in his room (No.5) at this hotel. He worked in the building and had murdered Jane Edge, the landlady of the Queen's Head Hotel in Ketley after she caught him rifling through the till. He claimed at his trial he only pushed her away but she died in the fall, and he was hanged for murder. Since then, lights turn on and off by an unseen hand, cold spots have been felt, people smell cheap aftershave, clocks chime at strange hours and move backwards at 8am (the time that the miscreant was hanged), and strange noises have been heard. One man who stopped in the room said that he felt as if he was being strangled. In room 2, a figure was seen to walk through a wall where a door used to be, while in room 4, a sense of coldness was accompanied by the feeling that someone had sat down on the end of the bed - complete with indentation on the covers. Footsteps have been heard walking down the corridor towards room 9, even though it is carpeted. There are many, many other stories attached to this building included a phantom little girl who has been heard crying.

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