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Oulton Manor House

The ghosts include a huntsman and hound, and the spectre of a squire. The most intriguing phantom according to legend is that of a lady wandering around the grounds with a chalice of poison. This is related to the story of the wife of a previous owner who was found in bed with an army officer. The husband (the afore mentioned squire) was a philanderer but attacked the officer who retaliated, killing his adversary with a sword blow to the heart. In a panic, the wife and the officer fled with as much money as they could muster, leaving the daughter behind. The young girl eventually grew up and on the eve of her wedding she and the groom were sat in the house when a black funeral carriage pulled up outside; in the carriage was the mother with a chalice of poison, evidently intending her silence her daughter lest she speak of the unsolved crime years before. The groom was murdered and the girl was dragged off into the carriage, dying some time later in Belgium.

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