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The Black Bull

Activity has been reported in many areas, such as the attic, restaurant, stables and room 3. There are unconfirmed reports of a phantom highwayman, but a lot of the activity seems to be poltergeist-like, including beer tankards behind the bar being rattled (accompanied by a coldness in the room). "Communication" via bangings on the wall seem to indicate the phantom of a lady in her 30s who had previously worked here but was not popular with her employer. More recently, a ladies toilet was found to be locked from the inside - there was no window through which one could crawl, and the gap below the door was not high enough to allow exit!

Update 25/8/20: Via Facebook, I spoke to Lee David Williams, who had been landlord for only a month or so. He says that, "I did think Myself saw a apparition of a highwayman type figure" but says that it could have been a trick of the mind. Because of his short tenure so far, he said, "[I] Can't say much on recent activity other than place has eerie feel to it." He also told me, "I'm told there a spook in the toilet and there strange sounds come from there."

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