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Grafton Manor Pool

A local story tells of a lady who was travelling by the pool in a horse-drawn cart when it overturned and she fell into the water and drowned; one version, however says that she drowned herself, near some crossed trees. Certainly, a grey or white lady is sometimes seen here and in nearby fields (the pool is thought to have been much bigger at one point). One group watched a patch of fog that kept dropping into the water, but it then came towards them, swirling in two spirals until it formed a human-like shape with two peaks like arms. When it got to within 6 feet of the witnesses, they fled! Another group of witnesses actually saw a woman rise out of the pond. She was described as being dark grey and wearing a tatty old gown and having long hair. Again, the group fled when it drifted towards them, but the phantom followed them, and only disappeared at the gate to Grafton Manor.

Source: Birmingham Mail

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