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The Tardebigge

In the past, the burglar alarm would be triggered for no reason, and two-pint tankards kept behind the bar would split in front of staff members' eyes. Items would be moved and go temporarily missing - however, some spoons once vanished and were never seen again. One employee felt a sharp poke on the shoulder and another felt her ear being flicked. A barman heard sneezing in the cellar and a young lady's voice from behind the dumb waiter would call out people's names. Table 28 seems to be the epicentre of events; a spectral nurse in a long dark dress, and named "Emily" has been seen here - it has also been reported as being cold in this area and thick smoke seen here too. This nurse may have been seen in the cellar too; a witness saw a blue-grey mist in the shape of a smallish woman and walked through it, an experience he said was "cold"! In recent years it would seem that Emily is hardly ever seen - instead, phenomena seems consist of items moving, a man's laugh (accompanied by a container of liquid polish being knocked over), a banging noise and then a gaming machine playing up, a little girl heard giggling in the men's toilets and a brief glimpse in the mirror of someone walking by, very fast.

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