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The White Swan Hotel

A lady of "dubious virtue" (named Virginia Black) who was pushed down the stairs was said to have haunted this building, though it is not clear if she is still encountered. She is, or was, said to appear in the corridor outside the room (17) where she met her male guests. In this room, a couple reported that their quilt was being tugged during the night, each of them thinking that the other was to blame! When they woke, they looked to find shadows of about half a dozen people who quickly faded away. The man soon fell asleep but his wife stayed awake and saw a grey lady - a young woman with a bulky body, which was a shapeless mass of dark grey. This spectre also faded away in seconds. In addition, the pub was used as a local court and it is said that one lady who was hanged for murder returned, or returns here after death.

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