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Copcut Elm

In 1996, things got so bad here that the licensee announced that he was planning on leaving because of the shadows, rumblings, bumps and problems with the power supply when an electrician couldn't find anything wrong. One regular was so spooked by something that he picked up a chair to guard himself, then tried to escape via a fire exit, and then by breaking a window. An ambulance was called to calm him down. He never spoke of what he had seen - and he never returned to the pub either. Many phenomena had been reported here from that time: knockings on the fire escape door (which didn't set off the external security light); a staff member being stopped by an invisible barrier; malfunctions with the telephone line; a ghostly face of a middle aged lady being seen through a glass panel that looks into the kitchen; sounds resembling equipment being moved around; the kitchen swing door acting as if someone was holding it open while walking through it - or sometimes just blasting open; a human sized cold spot in the bar area; a man in a peaked cap and looking "small" and "dumpy" walking across the room and into the wall (there may be another spectral man too - short in stature and elderly, with greying hair); doors being found open in the morning without the alarm system being tripped; all the cooker fires lighting simultaneously in the kitchen ... and many more!

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