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Madingley Hall

The ghost is said to be Ursula Hynde, the wife of the man who built the house in 1543. She is to be seen to be in a state of distress on Christmas Eve, walking between the hall and the site of a demolished church, and a room in the hall which contains fittings from that church. She is said to be upset that her her son ripped down the church of St Ethelreda for stone and timber when the monasteries were torn down. There are other spectres are also seen here; "Old Lady Cotton," who wears black and strides up the drive again at Christmas time; a young bride in white seen walking in "the cloisters" - she is said to have died of a broken heart when her husband-to-be died soon before the wedding; a ghostly party in Tudor garb; three men dressed as Cavaliers in the flower garden; and an unattractive man with an evil expression on his skull-like face.

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