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Costa Coffee

Lights are reported to go out by themselves, but no fault can be found by electricians. Cups stored near a coffee machine at the end of the counter have been reported to "shoot" off. Dark shadows have been seen and bumping and banging noises heard from upstairs - but no-one was there upon investigation. Some staff associate these occurrences with William Guise. During the English Civil War, Parliamentarian forces had set up gun placements on nearby hills and were bombaring the town. Royalist forces planned to seize the guns but to prevent their own men from opening fire upon their comrades, they agreed to wear white shirts over their armour for identification. A local tailor, William Guise, heard of the plot and lowered himself down the city walls and informed the Roundheads of this plan - and the Royalist contingent were found dead the next day. Guise was hanged for his treachery, and his deathmask is now to be found in the building.

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