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Cafe Rouge

In the 1990s, when this building was known as The Bottles Wine Bar, new refridgerators were fitted in a room previously used to store alcohol. Soon after, footsteps were heard ascending the stairs and walk along the balcony. A member of staff who mopped the floor at the end of the evening would return to her work to find buckets moved from behind the bar to the middle of the floor - no footprints were seen in the newly mopped floor. A crate of bottles was moved, blocking her in the cellar - later on, a cask was seen to fall over, roll and then right itself. A stack of pans was found to have been moved during the night, but the burglar alarms hadn't been activated. Problems with electrical items (including the heating system, CD player and lights), candles going out and alarming sounds (a howl heard while going up to the balcony, and a short female scream in the yard) are some of the many phenomena reported here.

However, it would seem that the current management of Cafe Rouge are hostile to investigations; one person was reportedly "thrown out" for asking about any current ghost reports.

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