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Addenbrooke's Hospital

A spectral nurse appears when morphine is being administered to patients. It is thought that she is remorseful for giving too high a dose of the drug when she was alive. There are also stories of lights, televisions and taps turning on by themselves, plugs being pulled out, a glass of water being given to a patient by something invisible, paper cups piled upright, call buzzers sounding from empty rooms - and a nurse, perhaps different from the one above, being seen. There are many other stories too!

Update 5/8/20: Researcher Tony Percy informs me, "Ward G4 (Geriatrics) seen circa 2000. Reported to adjust dose, or in general promptly responding to the bedside 'bell', by (some) patients -- rather than merely being seen on ward. Seen by both patients and nursing staff. At the time assumed to be a member of staff, rather than a ghost, by witnesses."

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