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The Royal Oak

Phenomena include the lights going on and off, the telephone ringing for no reason, and heavy garden furniture being found flung around and re-arranged in an impossibly short space of time and noiselessly. In addition, beer bottles being found upended, toilets "squirting" out of the top (!), barrels interfered with and pictures found out of alignment in the morning have also been experienced here. A landlord going into the cellar felt a pressure on his shoulder and was then pushed out of the way by a large mass. He also heard footsteps at the time but rather than ascending the steps, they went along and through the wall. An old grey lady has been seen in the pub too - one guest said he woke to find her knitting by the side of his bed; she may be the same spectre who once tickled a man's feet in room 5. Another phantom is a tall, thin, dark, human sized shaped which walked down an upstairs corridor; the witness hid but when she looked outside again, the medieval window, which was securely fastened, was open.

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