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Pin Petch

The ghost of a girl called Emily who burned to death is said to haunt No.11; she used to cook breakfasts for workmen and died when her apron caught fire. Previous occupants have smelt food cooking when they opened in the morning. A staff member on his way to the toilets via the cellar was shaken when he felt something which he likened to being walked across; it is also in the cellar that another staff member heard a banging issuing from upstairs; when he went upstairs, the residual reverbations causing items to sway could still be seen. There was no one there to cause such an occurrence. It is also here that a figure was seen inside the locked up building at night; again, when it was opened, no-one was there. Other phenomena include tools and other items being food on the floor, after being dislodged from their hooks, the burglar alarm sounding in the night, a lady's face appearing on the tiles, and a calendar swinging by itself. It is said that the property is currently "quiet."

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