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The Plough Inn

The Wolsey Room was used as a room for visiting relatives; prior to this it was an old junk room, used for storage. The mirror cracked and a replacement bought which shattered. However, other mirrors also broke, and then light bulbs kept popping. A shadowy figure has been seen, and a baby boy reacted to an invisible figure in the room, saying there was a "nasty man" there.

Update 28/4/20: Landlord Paul Bird informed me, "Unfortunately we’ve been closed since March and before that haven’t lived on site for several years so any strange occurences we were subject too we’ve been unaware of ... To be fair, we're so busy daytimes I think you'd not notice anything, even when we lived here it was only after close when the pub was quiet anything eerie happened, I’d put it down to an old building but my wife and son as a young child and guard dog would argue differently about mirrors and light bulbs breaking and the little ones friend in his bedroom, I've chased footsteps in the night but don’t scare easily, but the wife and staff don't like being here alone!"

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