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The Blind Fiddler

A little girl, aged about 8 and dressed in Victorian clothes has been observed here.

Update September 2020: I spoke to landlord Barrie, who had been at the pub for 18 years. He says that a little girl comes into his room and wakes him up. She is described as wearing light baby blue Victorian clothing and is about 6 years old and is seen out of the corner of the eye. He regards her as "almost part of the family." He says that when his children were 3 or 4 years they would see her, but don't anymore (his children are now 9 and 13). However, quite a lot have seen her - she was last seen c. July 2020. Other than this, they would heard footsteps all the time, and lightbulbs would blow. Strangely, the outside security light is described as always going wrong - and despite being sealed, was found to be full of water. Barrie also told me that their dog would go off and hide in the toilet!

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