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The Burgage

During the Civil War, scouts were placed to warn the Royalist movement if the Roundheads advanced, and one such scout, having spotted the approaching Parliamentarian forces, took a horse and fled north to inform his commanding officer. His route took him through the Parliamentarian town of Prestbury and the locals stretched a rope from the pub to the house opposite which threw the scout off his horse, whereupon he was murdered. The sound of a charging horse has been heard thundering down the street, in the dead of night according to some account, but the hoofbeats stop abruptly outside the pub. Some versions of the tale say that the unfortunate man was decapitated by the rope, and his decapitated spectre is still seen atop his horse to this day. The basic tale is confused by another rider who was felled from his horse, in nearby Shaw Green Lane. Another phantom in this street is a "shadowy" lady in dark Victorian clothing, who likes to look through windows!

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