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The Skirrid Mountain Inn

The main apparition is said to be that of a one-eyed man who killed himself rather than be judged by Judge Jeffreys, who held court here in 1685; modern day patrons still experience the echo of the executions that took place as some have felt as if a noose had been slipped around thir necks, causing observable rope marks; Jeffreys himself is said to be "encountered" on the landing. It is also said that a former landland, Fanny Price, indulges in throwing glasses around and other mischief; room 2 is said to be her "haunt". An invisible lady phantom's rustling dress has been heard and felt, and a sensation of cold is detected as she passes. One guest felt someone squeezing her hand in bed, and the toilet roll was spun in its holder until all the paper was on the floor! There are many other stories too!

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