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The Bell Inn

A female ghost seen in a guest room is said to be Kitty Canham, the Beautiful Bigamist, who lived in the adjacent cottage. She married the local vicar Alexander Gough and then vanished (because of his "domineering" ways according to some); while away, she married another husband, John Primrose, Lord Delmeny. There are conflicting reports about her death; in one version, it is related that she and her first husband made their peace as she lay dying of consumption; some versions state that she confessed to her second husband that she was still married to Gough; others state that she returned to the village with her second husband before passing away; while yet more tales tell how she just wanted to buried in her home village and died elsewhere. Her ghost has been blamed on a moving wardrobe and sheets have been messed with suggesting someone has slept in the bed. It is also said that "paranormal activity" has been felt in the neighbouring cottage, presumably the one in which Kitty lived for a while...?

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