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The Coombs

Many of the stories attached to this building are somewhat old, but in the past, a female ghost was blamed on a number of pranks including a snowball being thrown at someone, people having their heads dunked in the sink when they were washing up - and some personnel were also pushed. The ghost was said to also scream, talk and laugh; she was also said to make odd noises, rattle the front door and be heard to walk into and through the house via the back door and then into the kitchen. Visible sightings are thin; a milkman asked the homeowner if they had a ghost as a white figure had rushed in front of him before disappearing. A story exists that says that, in the 19th century, a female member of the Trotter household became pregnant by one of the stable boys. The shame resulted in her hanging herself in the stables. However, paranormal activity is said to have died down after building alterations. It is not known if the phenomena are extinct or just dormant.

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