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The Old Manor

The phantom here is "a woman wearing a smock-like dress." She is said to appear in corners, and she has been heard "stomping" upstairs when no-one is there. She is also known to put her icy hand on people's shoulders.

Update 1/8/20: new General Manager Nicola Smith replied to me request for any recent activity by writing, "I have not experienced anything in my short time here, but I have of course heard of strange going ons before my time from staff members. Noises and bangs when all customers have left, items going missing etc. It is a wonderful old building steeped in history." In a follow-up email, she added, "Since your email I have been speaking to more of the staff that have been here for a while. Over the past couple of years more activity has taken place than I originally thought/heard. A young child (about 4years old) came in with his family and they were being shown to their table, the little boy asked if he could play with the girl that had run up the stairs... There was no little girl. The parents were quite open to this knowing they did not see another child so allowed him to go upstairs, they followed behind him. He turned around to come back down, when he was asked why he wasn’t going to play he said she had gone. Another time Claire, the deputy (who has been working in the pub for 12 years) was in the study, (the meeting room upstairs) she had turned around to clean the side cabinet. She heard a swish noise, knowing she was on her own she was confused, went to the office to check the cctv and noticed that the glass candle holder had moved across the table. And... One evening the pub was closing down, the restaurant was empty and the bar was being cleaned down, no customers in the pub. A waitress, Clare was walking through the bottom restaurant to the bar area. When she went back into the restaurant the fire had been lit. She asked Claire (deputy manager) if she had lit the fire, Claire obviously said no due to the fact they were closing the pub for the night. They both recalled it was roaring. Had not been lit since the morning and had gone out hours before the end of the trading night."

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