Amico's Bar

When this was "Little Hammonds Restaurant", a short lady in Victorian attire (described as a black taffeta dress) had been seen here, usually upstairs; she is described as having a pale, white face. Downstairs, there had been poltergeist-like activity, such as items moving (including a heavy fridge which was observed to move three inches), footsteps on carpetted floor (which sounded as if they were on wooden boards) and a hand felt oa n a worker's elbow. It is said that a baker died of a heart attack in the building and on a few occasions, a man, with dark brown curly hair and wearing white T shirt or jacket, white trousers and brown belt and black shoes, all covered in flour has been seen. He was once seen by the proprietor who thought he was a rude employee as his conversation was ignored; and a waitress saw him the ladies staff toilets. It is not known if these phenomena are still being sighted by the new owners of the property.

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