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Chavenage House

A phantom coach and horses has been seen near the house or the nearby church, and is interpreted to foretell bad lack to the Stevens family who own the estate. The coach was originally seen when Nathaniel Stevens died and mourners congregated at the house; his ghost was said to have floated or walked out of the house (or climbed out of his coffin - accounts vary!) and taken his place with the passenger/driver - King Charles I; some say his phantom was headless. The crowd were paralysed, but when the coach had travelled 100 yards, it burst into flame accompanied by screams. The crowd's paralysis ceased and they, naturally, were hysterical in fright. The story is that when Charles was sentenced to death, Stevens, who was an MP, reluctantly signed the warrant and his daughter placed a curse on her father for bringing the family name into disrepute. Within days both Nathaniel Stevens and the King were dead. In addition, a woman in a grey dress and lace ruffles on her wrist has appeared in one of the bedrooms, a man on horseback with a big, black hat reported on the lawn, and a monk has also been observed too. A shadowy figure, (perhaps "The Grey Lady" mentioned in the guide book?) is another resident phantom too. A hooded monk has been seen in the family chapel, too. During a filming project, an electrician went into the room used by Oliver Cromwell and felt himself being forcibly pressed into the ground.

Update 12/8/20: Caroline Lowsley-Williams of the house informs me, "Though I have lived at Chavenage all my life I have not seen or felt any paranormal activities. In the past, we have had various folk conducting PSIs and their reports made interesting reading, although I was a little sceptical of some of their claims ... Soon after the King was beheaded, Col. Stephens died and it is said that his ghostly form was seen leaving Chavenage in a carriage driven by a headless coachman wearing the Royal vestments."

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