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The Hell Fire Caves

The caves were the creation of Sir Francis Dashwood, who fashioned them into a meeting place for his entourage, the Hell-Fire Club of England, complete with a temple and other exotic touches for their drinking bouts, gambling and orgies. The spectre of a young woman in white has been seen in the caves. She is nicknamed Sukie and was said to be a worker in a nearby tavern (The George And Dragon in West Wycombe) who received a letter from a man with whom she was infatuated asking her to turn up at the caves in her best bridal gown from where they would elope. When she arrived, she found three local ruffians and flung a lump of rock at them; one retaliated and she fell down injured, later dying of her injuries. Some versions of the tale say that she was carried back to her workplace before perishing. Another phantom said to have been seen in the caves or on the hill outside is said to be Hell Fire Club member Paul Whitehead; when he died, his heart was removed and placed in an urn in the mausoleum. However, this was stolen and his phantom is said to have been seen since then, holding his chest where his heart would be. In addition, the sensation of cold hands, footsteps, unexplained chilly areas and mysterious lights have all been reported at the caves, too.

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