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The Gatehouse

A "terrifying" black robed phantom only appears when animals and children are not present; she is said to appear upstairs where an old courtroom was located. The ghost is said to be Mother Marnes who was murdered along with her cat for her money. There may be another phantom here - children in the household talked of a "lady in a grey dress with a big hat" described as standing at the foot of their beds, especially the daughter's. The figure was also seen looking into the old ballroom, apparently standing on a narrow ledge - this area of the building was remodelled in the past and the phantom may have been standing in an area that was more substantial in the past. The ballroom yielded a good description of the phantom a little time later - it had a very old wrinkled face, with grey hair parted in the middle, was wearing a black smock - and leered at the witness, who asked it what it wanted before fleeing. Incidentally, the face was so old that the witness could not determine if the figure was male or female. There were also other stories of footsteps, and many other tales attached to the building too, including "friendly" ghosts in the cellar who knock things off shelves and pinch members of staff!

Update: 18/2/20: After contacting the establishment, I received an email from Harry: "I have worked here for almost a year and in that time have never seen anything odd/inexplicable. Occasionally customers will ask exactly the same question, and we’ll keep them guessing, but the truth is that there is no evidence of any paranormal goings on here."

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