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The Flask

Glasses moving, temperature drops, doors locking by themselves, someone/something blowing on the backs of patron's necks, lights switching on and off (and blowing!), footprints left in newly mopped floors and other phenomena have been blamed on a spectral girl; one legend says that she was a barmaid who killed herself at these premises after a matter of the heart turned sour. There are said to be at least four apparitions here, including a Cavalier once seen passing through a pillar in the upper bar and a Quaker-like figure clasping a cane.

Update: 10/3/20 Staff member Lexie informs me that, "To be honest, we haven’t heard or seen anything. I’ve been working at the Flask for almost 4 years now, heard stories about the pub being haunted, but gladly I didn’t experience anything. I remember when a customer claimed to be a medium and told me how she can feel the spirits surrounding us, in the Cellar area, at the back of the pub – but not to worry, as they are good spirits. Apart from that, no else mentioned or seen anything."

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